Actual State of H.I.H. Dimitrij X Dimitrievich Heritage

We saw from the article about the Institutions of di Demetrio family that at least two heirs  claim the heritage of the late Great Duke, HIH Massimo Silvestri di Russia and H.I.H. Alfred Joseph Baldacchino from Malta. Reestablishing  contacts between HIH Dimitrij and Mr.  Baldacchino was the task which Count Luciano Pellicioni di Poli, a reputed Italian heraldist and columnist tried to accomplish. Count Luciano Pellicioni di Poli, in his famous library, Rome, 1997

Count Pellicioni di Poli, Gr. Cr. OBSS (+ 2004, Rome) had a deep general culture, and despite his mixing in certain moments with bogus chivalric order, published an impressive number of books and articles about heraldry and genealogy. He was Deputy Great Master of St. George from Carinthia K. Order, which he extended well, but having neglected some duties towards the Habsburg dynasty, H.I. & R. Majesty Otto gave a firm statement against him (but in the „50 the relations were very cordial).  Count Pellicioni was a good friend not only of Dimitrij X Dimitrievich, but also of his father, Dimitrij IX Vasilijevich, and also co-operated well with Mr. Baldacchino. Count Pellicioni published a booklet about di Demetrio family (with the same data as Antonio Accogli di Predeslava, Ciro Argondizza, Attilio Valente di Valbruna), wrote very documented works  about the Latin Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, but also an essay abougt the Order of the Holy Sepulchre belonging to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem(Luciano Pellicioni di Poli Il Sovrano Ordine dei Cavalieri del S. Sepolcro, Roma 1968)

Here, however we must observe that during the milet regime of the Ottoman Empire the Greek Patriarchate of Jerusalem was submitted to the Constantinopolitan one, regarded by the Ottomans as the Head of the Rum Mileti (Etnarch of the Greek Orthodox Nation). His defense forces (guards) were assured by the Ottomans, and during religious processions, they were escorted by tchaushes. Titles given by the Greek Patriarchs were those of Arhonda, Great Arhondars, etc., not chivalric ones. Modern chivalric orders were given by the Greek Patriarchates only from XIXcent., when even the Ottoman Empire adopted the Reforms, and Orders modelled after the Western type (like Medjidie Order, etc). So this is a clear Western influence on the Greek Orthodox Orders from the Ottoman Empire. It is also relevant that with the reform of the Greek Order of the Holy Sepulchre, in 1966 was charged Mario Ugolini, a Roman-Catholic Italian. Now the insignia of the Order is quite different that those described by Count Pellicioni..

Massimo di Russia was proclaimed as official heir of HIH Dimitrij X Dimitrievich in public, due to a legal (under the Italian law, both being Italian citizens) testament in  his favour . The public statement can be read here:  The Obituary of Dimitrij X Dimitrievich

The Testament of HIH Dimitrij is given here: Dimitrij Testamento vs.  Massimo Silvestri

Fortunately, he, till now, has a discrete, common sensed, presence in public, rare press articles mentioning his activities. (Press about Massimo di Russia),    being interested in heraldry, pilgrimages, helping Down Syndrome children.

Mr. Baldacchino extended well his branch of OBSS, having good diplomatic contacts, but himself was not protected from dissidents. Count Alessandro Calleja, former High Official of Baldacchino, contested his pretensions, stating for the nullity of the Adoptive Act  received from HIH Dimitrij by his former superior (Mr. Baldacchino), and started to govern his own branch of OBSS. He published an interesting study about chivalric legal recognitions and  about his vision about the history of the OBSS (Count Alessandro Calleja about OBSS).

Both Calleja and Baldacchino being Maltese citizens, their cause arrived in the Court, a sentence being given in favour of Baldacchino Branch (Baldacchino vs. Calleja).

Really it is sad to read such matters between persons who would have to act in a superior, aristocratic way. Both Mr. Baldacchino, Mr. Calleja could work together, and why not, to co-operate with Massimo Silvestri. Each of them has necessary qualities to bring benefits for the Order, and together would have been able to do much more good as until now. But selling titles is not compatible with Knighthood, which pretends  Faith in Christ, Patience, Sacrifice, and interior life. Instead to increase culture and studies about heraldry, Byzantine genuine heritage, and why not?, the Russian culture,  sterile polemics are spreading generous efforts to nowhere.

„When two are quarrelling, thirds are winning” says an old proverb. In the U.S.A. another group of the OBSS was found (from Calleja’s  branch, together with his approval) leaded by Msgr. Haralambos Bouchlos, acting, among others, as Metropolitan of an Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Exile. His consecration’s validity must be verified, but, as his own official site presents, he lives with his own wife, being a married Metropolitan. For those who don’t know, in Byzantine Churches, candidates for Bishops could be celibatarian priests, widow priests, monks, and, if married priests, their election was confirmed (and later consecration administrated only when the wife of the elect one, accepted to retire herself in a monastery, as a nun, in a diocese far away of the ex-husband’s one. This is not the case of MMe. Lois…(Investiture lead page )

  Benefits to Knighthood      are, according to us, self-explanatory.

A new  pretender made his entrance on the scene, Don Antonio Tiberio di Dobrynia Augusto, Giulio, Angelo, Flavio, Comneno, Dukas, Laskaris, Paleologo, d’Aragona, Rjurikevich (!) Dimitrievich (!) di Russia, Prince of Dobrynia (Mon Dieu, c’est deja trop..) pretending himself as legitimate heir of the poor Dimitrij X Dimitrievich. No documents for his claim are given.  Some historical, uncritical data, were borrowed from other leaflets or texts about OBSS.   Qous Deus perdere vult, prius dementit.

We must observe than when you are speaking about Habsburgs, Hohenzollerns, Romanovs, Bourbons, it’s enough to mention their family names, and everybody understands what is about.

And to all the gentlemen who dream illustrious ascendance, Dimitrievich ( like Ivanovich, Vasiljevich, Alexejevich) are patronims, indicating the father’s name of that person, and not family names!! The Rjuriks never had a family name! When claiming illustrious ancestry, a bit of general culture would be really necessary.

Which would be the solution? How otherwise, the German one. But we will mention it in another post.

As soon as Mr. Baldacchino, Mr. Calleja or his group are reuniting themselves, and are starting a good , fraternal work with Mr. Silvestri, things would be much more better for the new OBSS.


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