Which Road? The Austro-German One, How Otherwise?

The http://www.byzantinische-ritter.de  site belonging to the German Language Priory of the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre (Order  der Byzantinischer Ritter vom Heiligen Grab) is offering us a nice surprise.

The statements are clear, sober, concise. No phanta-history is given. The aims are clear explained, the allegiance toward the Habsburg Dynasty is also clear stated, a clear religious affiliation is asked. It is, until now, the unique site from the OBSS family which has clear statements concerning Chivalry and its spiritual necessary life. The spiritual training for knighthood (essential. of course) is clearly stated in the German site.

Preparing for the Church Blessing (l’adoubement), the real initiation rite, is also required.

Previous blessings were done with the assistance of  H. Em. Alfons Cardinal Stickler, a good, traditional Cardinal (one of the few, that even before the IndultSummorum Pontificorum” of  Pope Benedict XVI, celebrated the Latin Mass, according to the Old, genuine Catholic, rite (Tridentine).

Here H. Em. Alfons Cardinal Stickler, Msgr. Edmund Dillinger and a Brother Knight in official uniform.

The Prelate of the German Language Priory is Msgr. Edmund Dillinger, with a good pastoral, missionary and cathehetic activities beyond him (Biography Msgr. Edmund Dillinger, OBSS).

Here one can see also a fraternal meeting at the Diplomatic Circle in Vienna (http://www.cercle-diplomatique.com/events/detail/detail/neujahrsempfang-des-ordens-der-byzantinischen-ritter-vom-heiligen-grab/).

More data about the priory can be found here: Document Deutsche OBSS 1  and here  Document Deutsche OBSS 2  

This is the way how to  work, how to restore the genuine values of the OBSS, and we can consider the German Language Priory our fraternal one, to which we would be honoured  working together.

Therefore, one of our Knights,  H. Exc. Hofrat Dr. Manfred Kierein, Gr. Cr. OBSS,  from Vienna, one of the few consecrated specialists in the world in reconstructing apostolic successions and bishops consecratory lineages, author of several books about this topic was charged from the part of our Priory, to cooperate and increase, in a way or another, our links with the German Language brothers. The title of Hofrat (Aulic Counselor), formerly offered by the Emperor, was kept under the republican regime, now being offered by the Federal President of Austria to those persons, who, after working in public offices, were accomplishing their duties in an exemplar way.


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