In Memoriam Ştefan Valeriu cav. Stănescu, OBSS, OHSG (1970 – 2003)

Here, Ştefan with H.Exc. Florin cav. Mihăescu, OBSS

Ştefan was born in France, Paris, at 4.VIII.1970, being the oldest son in the family of Mr. Marin Stănesco, diplomat, later Ambassador.

He finished the the studies in Architecture, being fellow of the Architect’s Order from Romania. In 1996 and 1997, viziting Rome, he met Mircea Remus cav. Birtz, OBSS to whom he spoke freely about his quest, his spiritual search, his nonconformism to the „politically correct”way of thinking. A genuine friendship was born, Ştefan being recommanded to Mr. Mihaescu, to enter undo his discipleship. Things were done, Ştefan being a hard reader, studying seriously Guenon, Lovinescu, the controversy between Guenon and Schuon, etc. He also increased his spiritual life, becoming a practicing Orthodox Christian and having also a spiritual director. Under the guidance of Mr. Mihaescu he progressed well in Tradition.

It was very naturally to be proposed for the OBSS, where he was initiated on  13.IX.1999. Later, in 2002, in Spring, he became knight of the  OHSG (the Hungarian Order of St. George, Ordo Hung. Scti. Georgii), making a good impression to Mr. Bereczky.

He was zealous, and his savoir fair was welcomed by every Knight who knew him.

Unfortunately, a danger to which the family was ignorant, was near him. An intestinal polyposis, having hereditary predisposed , was transformed in cancer. He suffered with stoicism, had several  surgical interventions, but in the same time his spiritual life was strong, with the help of the Holy Sacraments. More, he helped in a decisive matter the printing of  some volumes of our review.

He was visited in Bucharest by his  knightly brothers, we all hoped in an improvement, but the sad news arrived on 27.I.2003; Ştefan was called by the Lord. The funeral was held in Bucharest (1.II.2003) and he was burried in the Cemetery of Sinaia. before, he had married religiously Mme. Ioana Botoran. His brother in law, Mr. Lucian Botoran, and Mr. George Postolache,  had a heroical behaviour, Ştefan living with them. They even cooked for him, and when the illness went too far, the nursed him with his wife. This example of true sacrifice was a sufficient proof  to receive from our part, at Ştefan’s coffin, the adoubement both becoming Knights of the OHSG: Mr. Lucian Botoran,OHSG and Mr. George Postolache, OHSG, both ratified later by H.Exc. our Great Prior.  After only 11 month, his father, Mr. Stanescu, passed away due to the same illness!

Here we produce a document (in Romanian), including some ideas expressed on his funeral in the name of our Priory, aletter from his father, the last impressions written by Mme. Ioana , Lucian and George and some photos. Mme. Ioana, Mr. Adrian cav. Barbu, OBSS, Mr. Lucian Botoran,OHSG were near the coffin, Rev. Birtz  placing the sword and the Flag of the Vitez Rend (a sign of respect asked by H.Exc. Arpad Bereczky de Torboszlo, also Great Prior of OHSG): Ştefan cav. Stanescu, OBSS, OHSG Remembrance

A nice poem and a very courteous letter was send by H.I.H. Massimo di Russia, which can be read in the Remembrance.

We have periodically, in a way or another, signs from his part, and his friend and brother Mircea celebrates a St. Liturgy (Holy Mass) for his soul, when it is time. May Our God keep his soul in light and glory!


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