Some Data about The Romanian Priory of the OBSS

For some time the Romanian Priory did not want to make itself publicity, nor to appear in public debates.

Even now, the Priory is keeping and will keep discretion. However, commemorating 90 years from the birth of Demetrio Maria di Demetrio, alias Dimitrij X Dimitrievich di Russia, and observing that those who claim his heritage did nothing to honour  at least his intellectual profile, it was our duty to act. This explains the genesis of this web-page.

The Priory constituted itself  in 1997; previously, HIH Dimitrij created two hereditary Knights (Mr. Mircea Remus Birtz, of Justice in 1993, and Mr. Radu Motoca,  of Magistral Grace, in 1994). Before  receving these titles, one  had to ask the heraldic „ placet” of the local ” Fontes Honorum„: i.e. Otto of Austria-Hungary, and King Michael I of Romania. More, one  had to ask, and received permission to act in Romania, from the same „Fontes Honorum. This is the regular way to proceed. Dimitrij knew and encouraged this; after other candidates were proposed, and placet received , Dimitrij expressed His intention to adopt one of these two knights, this creating disappointment in the postulant’s  family. Because they didn’t had the same citizenship, and the required tax was high, Dimitrij’s intention must be seen as a moral one.

However, even if He gave the permission to act in Romania, H.M. King Michael, when asked to receive the Patronage of Honour of the future Priory, He denied, H.M. being occupied with heavy political problems in those years.

After finishing studies in Rome, and even before, one of the Knights, returning home, was able to organize concretely the Priory.

The first  Prior was Dr. Mircea Remus cav. Birtz, OBSS, between 1997-2000, being after this charge  instituted as Secretary. He promulgated the Rules of the Priory on 15-16.IX.2000.

Mr. Radu cav. Motoca, OBSS is the Chancellor of the Priory.

Mr. Macarie cav. Hedesiu, OBSS, received in the OBSS on 9.VIII. 1998, former Secretary, became Prior on 28.XI.2000.

On 2.IV.2002, after analysing the situation occurred due to the death of HIH Dimitrij X Dimitrievich, two Great Masters were instituted: Florin cav. Mihaescu, OBSS (concerned about the doctrinal  matters  of the Priory) and Arpad Bereczky de Torboszlo (concerned about the heraldic matters). The Priory became independent.

The Prior has all the administrative powers, taking into account the dispositions of the Great Masters. If a place of high position remains vacant, it is not obvious that it will be occupied immediately after. A competent person must be found for this task.

The Priory makes distinction between heraldic and spiritual matters. Heraldic benefits receive all those who join the Priory, or are nominated motu proprio, the postulants being always proposed, never accepted on personal request.

The spiritual quality of a Knight is received after the religious blessing (l’ adoubement), which can be given by all the Knights, duly charged on, who received it previously. Those who received the spiritual blessing have to adopt a very strong traditional attitude. Their number is fixed on 30, not all the places being occupied. The actual members of the Priory don’t pass 35.

The Priory refuses to accept taxes, or to have lucrous activity, but each member has, if desires, to acquire his own insignia. Material contributions are reflected in publishing  personal works connected with the spiritual line of the Priory.

The Romanian Priory of the OBSS  is not selling titles!

Some works were published under the appointment of the Priory:

1. Caietele OBSS I

Please observe the necessary Errata:

-on p. 20 Conciliul Lateran, not Luteran

-on p.23 Principat, not Principal

-on p. 59 Regimul corporatist, not cooperatist, etc.

The text of ” The Old Things from the Past for the Future” was massacred by the publishing house, and we offer here a better version: Old Things from the Past for the Future

See also  Extrase Caiete OBSS 1

2. Caietele OBSS II   and Extrase Caiete OBSS 2

Here again an Errata is to add:

-on p. 21:  Ouverture 1812, not 1821!, etc.

3.  Caietele OBSS III   and Extrase Caietele OBSS III

Sure, an Errata is necessary:

p.11: at the end of the page, to add ” al imperativelor prin H.C.M. sau al sloganelor”

p.85: ” Traian Dorz 1989″, not „1980”

p.109:  ” 20 decembrie 1978″ , not ” 20 martie 1978″, etc.

Other documents of the Romanian priory are given here, some published in „Caietele…”, some not.  Not all the correspondence concerning the Priory is published, only some letters we consider to be suggestive:

Doc P R OBSS 1

Doc P R OBSS 2

Doc P R OBSS 3

Doc P R OBSS 4

The Priory made a public appearance in 2001, when some old churches were in danger to be demolished, for several reasons (ecclesiastic conflicts in Transylvania, or due to modernization). The memory published here (Manifest OBSS 2001) was signed by common citizens.

Again, a fundamental document is Dimitri OBSS 1989,   printed also in  Imperiale Accademia di Mosca Atti e Memorie  n.2, Roma, 1990, p. 42-45.

Our attitude of prudence was necessary.

If our Priory recognizes HIH Massimo Silvestri di Russia as the legal heir of the late HIH Dimitrij X Dimitrievich, due to a legal (i.e. notarised) testament, valid according to the Italian law, both being Italian citizens, the headquarter near HIH Massimo was not prepared to the task received. HIH Massimo proved to be a kind and generous person, but some members of his entourage were categorically not prepared for  their duties

As a consequence,  that headquarter,  the branch leaded by HEmH Alfred Baldacchino,  that of Mr. Calleja, were not able to fight with „princes” like those from „Dobrynia” or from „Alabona-Ostrogojsk” (?!) who claim the same ascendance. And with such „princes”we have nothing to do…


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