Jesus Christus regnare volumus! (II)

The OBSS Romanian Priory, as a traditional institute, concerning the „abdication” of His H. Pope Benedict XVI,  has this statement to be done:

1) There are several signs, well published and spread among the press, about plots and blackmailing the Pope. Some Italian newspapers like Il Fatto Quotidiano (Febr. 10, 2012!), La Repubblica (Febr. 21, 2013), the Panorama Weekly (Febr. 21-27, 2013) are mentioning the Castrillon Hoyos Report, or the Herranz/Tomko/Di Giorgio Files, indicating serious pressure and plots against the Holy Father.

2) Even according to the new CIC 1983 (can. 187-189,  esp. 332, par. 2), a renunciation must be freely done, without any coercion. There are reasonable doubts that this really happened with His Holiness the Pope Benedict.

3) Even under duress and coercion Pope Benedict would have had to resist and to stay on that Cross, which Our Lord Jesus Christ gave Him, being accepted previously. With this step He, the Pope,  introduced  a suspicion about the  legitimacy of  His follower, and this until Pope Benedict lives.   More, a catastrophic example was given as a precedence, for all those who are confusing the Papal figure and the Papal ministry with a managerial one or with a political one.

Therefore Our Priory is considering the „abdication” of Pope Benedict XVI null and void.

But for all the  errors and sins against the Holy Trinity and the Church, may the Almighty God have mercy upon the soul of Pope Benedict XVI!


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