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A Remembrance of H.Exc. Msgr. Elias Zoghby, Once Archbishop of Baalbeck (1912-2008)

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On January 16 2008 H.Exc. Msgr. Elias Zoghby was giving his soul to our Lord. He was one of the most ardent fighters of restoring the communion between the Orthodox and the Catholic Church. His 1995 double communion Manifesto was creating amazement and several discussions.

Elias Zoghby

The Greek Catholic Melkite Synod adopted it, together with the Orthodox Synod of the Antiochene Patriarchate. As our readers know, in our Priory are accepted only Orthodox and Catholics, therefore Msgr. Zoghby’s position can be an answer for our spiritual decisions. Modern ecumenism seems to go nowhere. And what was astonishing, Vatican II, instead of phocusing on reestablishing unity between Catholics and Orthodox, was proclaiming a general relativistic ecumenism; worse was done by the so called spirit of the Council. More, during the H. Mass „reform”, only Protestant ministers were invited; no Oriental Catholic experts, no Orthodox ones. The Offertory prayers, clef de voute of the Liturgy, were cut off. However, all the Eastern rites (Catholic/”Uniate” or Orthodox/”Non Uniate”) have the Offertory well developed. This creates the strong feeling that something spurious was planned, which the faithful Catholics always agree.

The same can be said about cannon law. A concrete example is given by the confusion between the Pontifical /Papal prerogatives and those of the Patriarchs. The Pope of Rome is the Patriarch of the Occident, too. Therefore, H.H. Pope Benedict XVI renouncing to this title, accomplished  a big error. The title Patriarch of the Occident was not only the heritage of His predecessors, but also the heritage of the Catholic Church, and of the Orthodox ones! This title is a patrimony recognized by all the Ecumenical Councils, so is not even belonging to the Church of Rome.

Sadly enough, on both sides (Catholic or Orthodox) ignorance on the other’s traditions is huge. Msgr. Zoghby was one of the few who knew deeply the common Orthodox / Greek-Catholic  traditions from Near East. Therefore his message is always actual. Therefore we are offering to our readers some of the materials concerning His double communion Manifesto, one of our knights having once the privilege of  being honoured with correspondence  from the former Archbishop of Baalbeck.

Before and during Vatican II Council Msgr. Zoghby struggled for the dignity of the Greek-Catholic Bishops ( always regarded as „second hand”bishops). The Roman Curia, instead of  looking for oriental catholic bishops’help, was enough arrogant to disdain them, and therefore, the coup d’Etat of the Modernists was carried out with good succes in Autumn 1963.

Zoghby Uniatisme Oecumenisme (1963)

SE Elias Zoghby I

SE Elias Zoghby II

May Our Lord Jesus Christ give eternal light and rest, and eternal memory!

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